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Investigation of Hidden Crisis of Prescription Drug Abuse in Turkey: Pregabalin Monitoring

This is a cross-sectional retrospective observational national study. Abuse/misuse of the pregabalin and related parameters analyzed. Pregabalin was mostly prescribed by general practitioners (26.2%). Pregabalin prescribing frequencies of other physicians were as follows, respectively: neurology (14.1%); mental health and illness (12%); physical therapy and rehabilitation (8.8%); internal medicine (4.8%). Accordingly, pregabalin (811.954box) and paracetamol, combinations excl. psycholeptics (1,131,069box) were the first two sales. In total cost of sales, pregabalin (57,721,322.00 TL) and methylphenidate (41,915,196.00 TL) were the top two sales rankings. According to the disposal results of ILAYS pharmaceuticals in 2020, pregabalin (2693box per year) and morphine (862box per year) were the most disposed drugs. It was determined that the frequency of pregabalin was followed by gabapentin. In conclusion, our study reveals the extent of abuse of pregabalin in Turkey with its data.

Keywords: controlled drug pharmaco-economy, drug abuse, pregabalin, prescription drug monitoring

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