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Preparation and evaluation of ibuprofen loaded sodium alginate/sodium CMC mucoadhesive drug delivery system for sustained release

In the present study, ibuprofen was formulated as Mucoadhesive microspheres by ionic gelation technique by using varying concentrations of polymers sodium alginate and sodium carboxy methyl cellulose. The mucoadhesive microspheres of Ibuprofen was characterized by drug content, particle size distribution, production yield, in vitro drug release, and entrapment efficiency. The XRD study suggested that there is a change in the physical behavior of drug from crystalline to amorphous within the formulation. SEM of optimized batch showed that particles were found to be spherical having a rough outer surface and was porous. The EE of microspheres ranged from about 28.69-68.51 %. The cumulative amount of drug released was found to be in the range of 43.72-84.39 %. The data obtained from the in-vitro drug release profiles of Ibuprofen determined that all the batches of mucoadhesive microspheres showed prolonged drug release. It could be concluded that the mucoadhesive microspheres of Ibuprofen showed prolonged release of the drug.

Keywords: Solubility, drug release, ibuprofen, drug entrapment efficiency.

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