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Beneficial Effects of Commonly Used Phytochemicals in Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is affecting a significant proportion of the population worldwide. It affects many organs including pancreas, kidney and liver. The disease is associated with a reduced quality of life and increased risk factors for mortality and morbidity. In diabetes treatment, traditional herbal folk medicines are getting popular. Due to their antioxidant properties, herbal products give positive and promising results. In this review, we demonstrated the antidiabetic activity of different phytochemicals (limonene, cinnamic acid and ursolic acid). The studies about their antidiabetic activity have shown that these phytochemicals may be beneficial in diabetes therapy. But further in vitro and in vivo studies needed to clear up their efficacy, mechanism and toxicity on diabetes treatment.

ACTA PHARMACEUTICA SCIENCIA Dergisi 54/2. Sayısı İçin Tıklayınız.

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