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Evaluation of Rational Antibiotic Dispensing in the Community Pharmacy Setting: A Simulated Patient Study

The irrational utilization of antibiotics is still a serious global problem which, if one takes into consideration the magnitude of antibiotic resistance, threatens both public health and the economy. In Turkey, the high rate of irrational antibiotic dispensing is a well-recognized fact that has existed for many years in the community pharmacy setting. In Turkey today, it is illegal to dispense antibiotics without prescription. Since 2014, the control of antibiotic dispensing has increased in the community pharmacy setting. However, it is more common to use simulated patient techniques to control antibiotic dispensing in countries in which the rate of antibiotics being dispensed without prescription is high.

ACTA PHARMACEUTICA SCIENCIA Dergisi 52/2/3. Sayısı İçin Tıklayınız.

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