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Evaluation of Probiotic Use of The Students of Istanbul Medipol University

This research; is planned to determine the level of knowledge about probiotic nutritions and, the consumption of them by university students. The date range of the study was 2018. A total of 100 students were surveyed at the İstanbul Medipol University, 47 men and 53 women aged 18-30 years. General information and demographic status of participants were questioned. Also, height and weight data were recorded by their written notifications. In parallel with the ever-increasing work on the positive effects of probiotics on health; increased consumption of probiotics and increased knowledge. Microorganisms can directly or indirectly cause the formation of many diseases. 20% of the students consume these nutrients on the recommendation; and 24% of them did not consume it because they think did not need it. Although probiotic dairy products are mostly used for symptoms of constipation, there is not enough information in the context of other diseases.

Keywords: Microflora, probiotic nutrient, fermentation

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