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International Student Studies & Career Office

As the Career Office representatives, we help our international students to create environments where they can express themselves easily, build successful careers and be ready for business life, highlighting their talents and various abilities. We are looking forward to the return of our international students to their home countries as committed Istanbul Medipol University ambassadors.

The work that was done in 2021:

International Students' Day, celebrated on 17 November every year, is organized to celebrate the multiculturalism of international university students in different parts of the world.

Career Office members actively participated in this event and our international students on their career journeys.



We organize meetings of international students to get to know each other better, develop students personalities, and promote them.



We plan to create English medium career activities as a significant part of our work.

We integrate career ambassadorship with our international students who represent the Career Office in their department, take an active part in the study process, and are open to learning and development.

We organized career events entirely in English with representatives of the business world to illustrate brilliant future perspectives in career development to our students.


CV Consulting

We consult our international students to create their CVs professionally. An outstanding CV is greatly important in recruitment and helps win an employment competition.

Career Counseling

We consult our international students who wish to start an active business life. They are at the very beginning of the road and have a lot of questions about how to proceed. Our Career Office members give them precious practical knowledge at this starting point.

Interview Counseling

We meet students to carry out mock job interviews, which are parts of real employment and internship processes. Before the actual interview, our students have a perfect opportunity to experience a simulation interview process.

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As the Career Office team, we carry out joint studies with the Alumni Office and the International Office.

In this context, we met with International Relations Executive (International Office – ExternalAffairs Unit), Assoc. Prof. Irina Shelenkova started studies on our international graduates' career results and perspectives.

We want to show real business life areas to our students. We provide an experimental environment for them.

We visit factory and companies with our students.                   



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