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Dear students, 

The profession of midwifery, which has existed since ancient times, has taken its place among the contemporary professions with programs at the master's and doctorate level. The International Midwifery Confederation (ICM), The World Health Organization and UNICEF emphasize mother-infant mortality and "the need for more midwives than the world is always there" to reduce cesarean rates. 

The aim of our university is to give graduates who will be able to work independently, take the principle of life-long learning, and carry scientific work and summarize the midwifery profession, taking into consideration the needs of the country with the department opened in 2014-2015 academic year.

Theoretical and practical lessons in our program are planned for you to acquire skills in midwifery profession from the first year. We are trying to train you in the environment of trust, love and tolerance with master apprenticeship as it used to be in the birth rooms of our hospitals in the presence of specialists.

What do you say to try to relieve the pain of the mother who has a birth pain, to help a new creature come to earth, to testify to the newborn baby, the first eye contact with the mother?

I wish you a pleasant and full life with success in the oldest and most respected occupation of this date you have chosen.

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