Welcome to Istanbul Medipol University!

The International Office’s founding goal is to assists international students at our university not only in the process of academic program selection, but also during their accommodation in or off-campus as well as their adjustment with Turkish culture. IMU International Office remains a resource of information during your student life at our university.

For more information please contact the IMU International Office. 

Contact: [email protected]


Abdullah Selim Vardarbaş
International Business Development Unit Responsible
Mail: [email protected]

Şeyma Aydın
International Business Development Supervisor
Mail: [email protected]

Utku Yılmaz
International Analysis and Reporting Officer
Mail: [email protected]
Tel :90 545 882 13 39
Language :English-Turkish

Ahmet Kutlu Özsoylu 
International Business Development -Educational Consultancy Corporation Expert Assistant
Tel: +90 549 837 26 71
Supported  language :English-Turkish-Portuguese
E-Mail: [email protected]

Niloufar Motamedi
International Business Development -Educational Consultancy Corporation Expert Assistant
Tel: +90 549 837 26 70   Support (Whatsapp)
Supported  language :Persian-Azerbaijanese-Turkish
E-Mail: [email protected]

Hacı Halim Kurumehmet
International Business Development – Educational Consultancy Corporation Expert Assistant
Mail: [email protected]
Tel :+90 546 501 68 38
Language :English-Turkish

Soulmaz Azizi ASL 
International Business Development -Educational Consultancy Corporation Expert Assistant
Tel:+90 545 882 1336 Support (Whatsapp) |
Language: Persian-Azerbaijanese-Turkish
E-mail: [email protected]

Beyzanur Atış
International Business Development – Educational Consultancy Corporation Officer
Mail: [email protected]
Tel :+90 549 833 02 36
Language : Turkish – Kazakh - Kirghz - Turcoman - Russian

Victoria Acar
International Business Development -Educational Consultancy Corporation Expert Assistant
Tel: +90 549 837 26 67 Support (Whatsapp)
Supported  language :English-Russian
E-Mail: [email protected]

Alaeddine Hammouda 
International Business Development -Educational Consultancy Corporation Expert Assistant
Tel: +90 549 837 26 61  Support (Whatsapp)
Supported  language :French-English-Arabic
E-Mail: [email protected]

İsranur Akan
Operation Expert Asistant
Mail: [email protected]
Tel :+90 545 882 13 38 ext:5360

Sena Nur Kömür
Welcoming &Guidance Officer
Mail: [email protected]
Tel : ext:1853
Language :English-Turkish

Şebnem Güngör
International Business Development - International Student Support Officer
Mail: [email protected]
Language :English-Turkish

Burcu Korkmaz
Welcoming &Guidance Officer
Mail: [email protected]
Tel : ext:1853
Language :English-Turkish

Begüm Ülkün
Welcoming &Guidance Officer
Mail: [email protected]
Tel : 90 549 883 02 05
Language :English-Turkish

Ezgi Us
International Advertising and Promotion Asistant Specialist
Mail: [email protected]
Tel :+90 549 833 01 87 ext:5365
Language :English-Turkish

Dilara Theresia Nezahat Schulte
International Advertising and Promotion Officer
Mail: [email protected]
Tel : +90 552 876 67 97

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Irina Shelenkova
External Affairs, Expert on Academic Projects
Mail: [email protected]
Language :English-Russian

Kevser Mercan
Head of International Students Affairs Office
Mail: [email protected]

Merve Yılmaz Demir
International Student Affairs Expert Assistant
Mail: [email protected]

Sümeyye Duran
International Student Affairs Expert Assistant
Mail: [email protected]

Rümeysa Tepetam Esen
International Student Affairs Officer
Mail: [email protected]

Serap Baklacı
Exchange Programmes Expert Assistant
Mail: [email protected]

Merve Yorulmaz
Exchange Programmes Officer
Mail: [email protected]

Alican Ege Yüzgeç
Welcoming &Guidance Officer
Supported Language: Turkish -English
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 1853

Dina Elkhayat
Welcoming &Guidance Officer
Supported Language: Turkish -English-Arabic


Student Visa

The students demanding to study in Medipol are required to go to the nearest Turkish Consulate in their countries and acquire a student visa. When they arrive Turkey, the Residence Permit process will start for the students. 

They have to apply to the institution named as “T.C. İçişleri Bakanlığı – Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü” in Turkey in order to get it. In this process, International Office will provide help them step by step about informing.

In other words;

Student visa is required to register as a student in Turkey. Exceptions are those who are legal dependents of someone in Turkey on a diplomatic visa or with a work visa.

Before coming to Turkey, students should take their Letters of Acceptance* to the nearest Turkish Consulate in their native country and obtain a student visa Then, the students will be provided with the Residence Permit (İkamet Belgesi) that is valid regarding the period of time they will study be studying at IMU as indicated on their Student Visa.

Key issues for receiving a student visa; 

  • Student visas must be obtained from the nearest Turkish Consulate in the country 
  • Student visas cannot be obtained within Turkey.
  • You must apply for student visa with your "Letter of Acceptance" from İstanbul Medipol University and a completed visa application form.

Residence Permit Applications are done at Istanbul – İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü.

For more detailed information;

One of the most crucial points is that you cannot apply for E-visa as a student as this is only available for foreigners aiming to travel around the country. Based on this, these kinds of applications are required to be carried out via Turkish Representatives. According to the Law for International Students; those who will come to our country as of 1 January 2015 are obliged to provide passport or a kind of document (substitute of passport) – valid at least for 60 days as of ending period;

  • One’s visa to expire;
  • One’s Residence Permit to expire,
  • One’s visa exemption to expire

Health Insurance

The International Students studying in our country - Turkey, should make an application for their Health Insurance to the nearest Provincial Directorate of Social Security Institution within 3 months beginning from their first registration date.

Based on this;

The International Student who will make registrations to the Universities for the first time after the date entitled as 29/05/2013, he/she can apply with his/her student certificate and Letter of Demand within 3 months beginning from their first registration date. 

However, according the new rearrangement in this subject, taking into account the date 29/05/2013, the International Students who have been studying beginning from this date can make an application within 6 months.

As for the fee, according to the determined premium of 82.clause in Law; the fee to be paid is calculated according to the one - third of the daily average earning upon 30 days. For instance; the fee to be paid for these periods (1/7/2014 – 31/12/2014) is regarded as 45, 36 TL per month. 

The International Students who do not make their applications for Health Insurance among the dates specified will not get involve in Health Insurance and benefit from the rights provided by it. 

Another option in this point is to apply for Private Companies. There are a lot of companies which enable the exchange students a convenience. The students have to take their passport with themselves. At the same time, they have to have “Tax Number” or “Foreign ID Number” in order to carry out the insurance policy. Most importantly, as “Foreign ID Number” is acquired in the process of Residence Permit, sometimes the students have to get “Tax Number”. If they do not have any this kind of number, they can obtain “Potential Tax Number” by going to nearest Tax Office as well. In this very point, everything will be very proper if the presented from is filled up and submitted them via online as it plays very crucial role in terms of carrying out the ınsurance policy. Furthermore, these companies also suggest them some opportunities such as list of the hospitals that they can benefit from etc. After the payment process, they can obtain their policy via postal service as well.

Likewise, the students are recommended to be cognizant of any regulations or change about procedures in any cases.

Also Medical insurance has other benefits, including discounts on prescribed medicines and medical visits. If your country has Bilateral Social Security Agreements that means your insurance in your country is also valid in Turkey.

For more information please visit;


Istanbul Medipol University is situated in two different campuses: the Golden Horn (Haliç) Campus on the European side of Istanbul and Kavacık Campus on its Asian side. For the moment it offers within campus accommodation in dormitories only for students enrolled in programs at Kavacık Campus.

The academics programs instructed in Kavacık Campus

  • International School of Medicine
  • School of Dentistry (English)
  • School of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Law
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Education
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • School of Business and Management
  • School of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture
  • Vocational School of Social Sciences
  • Vocational School of Health Services
  • The English Preparatory Program

The academics programs instructed in Haliç Campus

Three are the academic programs located in Haliç Campus, to which our university does not provide accommodation within campus:

  • School of Medicine
  • School of Dentistry
  • IMU Vocational School

In order to ensure the development of their academic performance and social life, Kavacık Campus dormitories offer a comfortable environment to students. In addition, students are provided with study halls as well as indoors and outdoors sports' facilities. Wireless internet service is also available. 

It is worth mentioning that students unwilling to stay in our dormitories have the opportunity to be accommodated in other dormitories or hostels in nearby districts. Also students in the departments of Haliç Campus can be easily accommodated in one of the many nearby hostels or dormitories.

Campus Life

Library: The purpose of IMU Library is to promote education as well as to assist scientific research activities. The body of printed and electronic sources aims to respond to the needs of the academic and administrative staff, students and other researchers providing access to information in various languages.

Nutrition: At IMU University, dining and catering services are provided by a private firm. Food being multiple-choice, services are provided in self-service and a la carte style meals in our dining halls. Our dining halls have the capacity to serve meal to more than 500 people at the same time. Food is produced in a hygienic environment in the kitchen of the university and is being prepared through multiple-choice menus. Canteens that are also a preferable choice due to their fast service and variety of choices are open every weekday.

Health: IMU has its own Health Center operating under the university's Socio-medical office. The doctor and the nurse available every day in this center assist students and staff with daily outpatient services, and medical care. When needed patients are taken for further tests and treatments to the onsite general hospital operating under the care of Medipol Health Group.

Sports: Under the coordination of the Office of Culture and SportsIMU has become the location of various sportive tournaments. The Office shelters various clubs such as the Sports Club, Nature and Water Sports Club, UltrAslanMedipol University, and Uni GFB.

Technology: The computer labs at our university do not only host courses in informative technology; at the same time they serve students for online research and recreation. The continuously active wired and wireless internet access enables staff and students connect to the internet instantaneously. The continuously renewed and improved infrastructure fulfills the varying needs of the thriving campuses. 

Counseling Services: Within the framework of guidance and counseling services, individual and group counseling is offered by a qualified psychologist. The unit aims to support students' emotional and social development bringing them closer to a bright future. During the period of school counseling services are provided by appointment and the hours are in the form of 45-minute sessions. The consulting services are based on the agreed principles of privacy, trust, volunteerism and equality.

Security: The security of our university campuses, dormitories, and other units is  provided by a private security firm. The unit subject to the Private Security Act No. 5188 works on 24 hour basis.

A continuous control of the campus areas is provided with the cameras placed to certain points on campus. All the events requiring safety are intervened, and reports are organized and submitted to the relevant units.

Our students enter the campus through the turnstile entrance with student IDs. Access without IDs is not allowed.

Other Services

Banking Services: IMU has contracted Halk Bank. Hence, a Halk Bank automated teller machine (ATM) is available onsite providing all banking services 24/7. 

The campuses also host stationeries which meet students' immediate needs for class supplies and photocopied material. 

Scholarships: (Viable for Istanbul Medipol University)

  • A 10% discount for the children of veterans or martyrs.
  • 25%, 50% and 100% tuition fee discounts.
  • Scholarships for the highest yearly score in the program.
  • 5% discount if fees are paid in cash.

How to get to Istanbul Medipol University?

Transportation From Atatürk Airport (European Side)

Transportation Via Subway: You can use airport subway which is directly going to Yenikapı Station. Then, you can use İETT Public Transportations going to Unkapanı from Yenikapı Station and reach approximately around 10 minutes to Haliç Campus.

Transportation Via Havas Bus: You can use Havas Shuttle in order to transport to Taksim. Then you can use buses which are directly going to Unkapanı Station-Haliç Campus.

Please click on the link for more detailed information about Havas.

TH-1 Taksim – Atarürk Airport Bus: You can use this line in order to transport to Unkapanı-Haliç Campus by getting of Unkapanı Station.

Transportation From Sabiha Gökçen Airport (Anatolian Side)

Via Havatas Shuttle: You can use Sabiha Gökçen-Taksim line in order to come to Taksim. From Taksim, then you can use buses which are directly going to Unkapanı Station-Haliç Campus.

Please click on the link for more detailed information.

Kavacık Campus, Kavacık

Transportation From Sabiha Gökçen Airport (Anatolian Side)

Bus: You can use E-3 Sabiha Gökçen-Levent Subway or 122 H Bus Line in order to transport Kavacık by getting of the station called as Kavacık Köprüsü.

Transportation From Atatürk Airport (European Side)

TH-1 Taksim – Atarürk Airport Bus vs Havas Shuttle: You can use line entitled as TH-1 TAKSİM or Havas Shuttle from Sabiha Gökçen in order to transport to Taksim . Then, you can use Taksim Subway in order to go Mecidiyeköy. There, from “Mecidiyeköy Meydan”, you can use 121 A or 121 B Lines and you can get off in “Kavacık Sapağı”.

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