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Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

İşletme ve Yönetim Bilimleri Fakültesi
Medipol Business School’s main objective is excellence in undergraduate and graduate education that develops successful prospective business leaders who will make a difference in both sector and academic world.

We aim to provide our students, and community with high value through distinguishing teaching and learning methodologies and courses supported by significant intellectual and Professional involvements. As our motto goes “nothing is more crucial than what comes about in our classrooms”, we pay extra attention to the quality of education.

Our faculty members are coming from scholarly and practice-oriented research areas. They are the authors of many books and they write academic papers besides an array of articles in daily newspapers in the domain of business and finance. They follow a teaching methodology suitable to digital natives, sticking with the problem-solving approach. Our curriculum includes community involvement projects and it is the school’s dedication to life-long learning and self-improvement. We offer double major opportunity to our students besides undergraduate and graduate education. Our school well exploits the advantages of Istanbul which is the financial hub and industrial heart of Turkey by inviting top level managers to our classes for presentations, seminars and workshops.

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