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İstanbul Medipol University Continuous Education Center (CEC) carries out education programs prepared by academic staff and education specialists of our university.

The aim of the center is to organize educational trainings both for public and private sector along with graduate and postgraduate programs of our university to provide consultancy and education in required fields.

The participants of the education programs organized by CEC  are awarded İstanbul Medipol University “CERTIFICATE” or “PARTICIPATION DOCUMENT”.

Some of the trainings which are provided by CEC are;

  • English Courses
  • First Aid Training
  • Sign Language Course
  • Mesotherapy Training
  • Practical Course in Statistics
  • Practical Pharmacy Education
  • DRG Coders Education
  • Elderly and Patient Care Course
  • Homeopathy Certification Training
  • Introduction to Homeopathy Clinic Education
  • Nutrition in Childhood and Adolescence
  • Electroneurophysiology Training for Technicians
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