Istanbul Medipol University Scientific Research Projects Commission is the unit affiliated to the Rectorate that supports projects, events and training, whose results are expected to contribute to science, internationally or nationally, and contribute to the technological, economic, social and cultural development of the country, and monitors and evaluates their outputs. Scientific Research Projects Commission consists of seven faculty members appointed by the Rector upon the recommendation of the University Senate. Members of the Scientific Research Projects (BAP) Commission of Istanbul Medipol University are as follow;


Chairman                                Prof. Dr. Sabahattin AYDIN


Deputy Chairman                      Prof. Dr. B. Ufuk ŞAKUL


Members                               Prof. Dr. Neslin Emekli


                                             Prof. Dr. Gürkan ÖZTÜRK


                                             Prof. Dr. Lütfü HANOĞLU


                                              Prof. Dr. Talip Alp


                                              Assoc. Prof. Müjgan Tunç Yücel


                                                    Assist. Prof. İlker Köse