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Technology Transfer Office

Technology Transfer Office is the unit that is established in November 2014 to support our university to gain permanent superiority in science and technology production and to support delivering the produced technology to industry and public in terms of the developing needs, to continuously develop the innovation and entrepreneurship culture of our academicians, student and alumni and to facilitate the steps to be taken in this direction.

The sub-units and the basic functions of TTO, which is a support unit affiliated to the Rectorate, are as follows:

  • Supported Projects Office (DPO): To coordinate the applications to be made to the scientific research, which are financially supported, and development funds to process the accepted projects and provide administrative support in the project closing processes.
  • Project Development Office (PGO): To strengthen the relations between our university and industrial - public and to create multi-stakeholder project ideas,
  • Technology Licensing Office (TLO): To coordinate the applications to national and international agencies to obtain patents, utility models, and certificates to manage the intellectual property rights of the scientific and technological values produced.
  • Support and Finance Office: Ensuring that the project applications, progress report, and closing processes are in line with the financial principles and its financial management.

E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 0216 681 51 00
Technology Transfer Office Website:

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