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School of Health Sciences

School of Health Sciences consists of 11 academic programs, which are all recognized as official professions by the governmental authorities. So, these entire programs offer the opportunity of higher preferability in the professional life for the graduates while keeping the goal of high level academic achievements.

We are proud of seeing that our graduates do not have much difficulty in finding jobs. Because most of them work together with our Academic staff to carry out scientific studies during the university studies and these studies bring about national and international success. These facts encourage us to move forward and catch higher standards. We are also very proud that nationally and internationally well-known prestigious academic members are in charge of educational processes of each program. Our students have the privilege of having very specialized lecturers available during the courses and anytime they need.

Due to the changing needs and expectations curriculum of each program is being revised periodically and lifelong Education concept is also taken into consideration. Contemporary and well equipped, research laboratories and clinical application centers are in use of all programs. Our affiliated University Hospital is one of the biggest and the sophisticated hospital in the whole country and the region, not to mention numerous other relatively medium sized Medipol Health Group associated hospitals. Availability of these facilities has a great effect on the quality of clinical and administrative practice activities of the students. The variation of the programs and the good cooperation among them, along with the superior physical and academic infrastructure are the factors enabling our students to be prepared to challenges in the future, which they might be faced.



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