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Fellowship Admissions and Application

International students can attend fellowship at Medipol University. The program is regarded as a program in which the student will have the chance of experiencing an internship at Istanbul Medipol University. Based on this, you can acquire all necessary information below.

Requirements for Fellowship and the Admission Process

1. Candidates applying for a Fellowship at Medipol University have to fulfill the following requirements and complete application by submitting documents below

a. Completion of a prerequisite academic and clinical education (providing official proof of completion, i.e. diploma)

b. Arranging the necessary visa, travel, accommodation, health insurance and other legitimate requirements

c. Submit a complete application documents to the International Admission Office of the Medipol University

  • Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Detailed proposed fellowship study to be undertaken (objective, expected results, etc.)
  • Financial guarantee document and how it will be fulfilled (realistic budget estimates including return travel, monthly allowance, tuition fees, etc.)
  • A letter of recommendation pertaining your work and fellowship study from a faculty member
  • English and/or Turkish Language Certificate.

2. Admission Process

a. All application forms and documents have to be completed and submitted to the International Admission Office of theMedipol University

b. Tuition fee is regarded as 1200 (USD) per month, payable to the Medipol University

c. If a faculty member of Medipol University is requesting a candidate for fellowship, a reduced tuition fee may be applicable

d. Once a complete application is received, admission committee convenes and evaluates the application

Applications are accepted throughout the year and all proper applications shall be responded within 30 days of receipt Documents can either be sent via regular post or personally submitted to the following:

Istanbul Medipol University International Office ([email protected] )

Kavacık Mahallesi, Ekinciler Caddesi No:19 34810 Kavacık Kavşağı, Beykoz-ISTANBUL/TURKEY

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