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School of Communication


Welcome to the School of Communication at Istanbul Medipol University.

The School of Communication at Istanbul Medipol University has adopted the mission of educating communication professionals who are at the heart of the great transformation defined as the "Age of Communication, Information, Media," and conducts educational activities across five departments: Journalism, New Media and Communication, Media and Visual Arts, Public Relations and Advertising (taught in two separate departments both in Turkish and English), and Radio, Television, and Cinema.

Our faculty aims to differentiate itself in communication education with an innovative and integrated educational approach that combines theory and practice, research laboratories equipped with advanced technology, animation studios, and editing and basic design workshops. We aspire to nurture graduates who are equipped to take on roles in the communication sector, can use effective communication skills in their professional lives, keep up with developments in their field, master new communication technologies, and possess a sense of social responsibility.

In line with this goal, our students receive their education within the framework of the principle of 'practice within education' and 'education within practice,' with course programs tailored to the development of the communication field and sectoral expectations.

At our Medipol Media Center, which encompasses all departments, students engage in practical applications; they produce newspapers/magazines, work on films and scripts, create radio and television news, prepare podcasts, and generate content ranging from design to animation, from traditional media to digital media environments. They transform the technical knowledge acquired in the classroom into professional practice in every required area of the communication discipline.

Our faculty members, experts in their fields with interdisciplinary research methods and industry experience, not only lead our students in current but also future topics in an age where knowledge is continuously updated. They also place great importance on developing a critical thinking habit, understanding that thought can be expressed not just with words but also with images and sounds.

At our faculty, educational methods and strategies that enhance students' skills in individual and teamwork, lifelong learning, observation and analysis, critical thinking, and effective use of technology are implemented.

The School of Communication at Istanbul Medipol University offers its students opportunities for a double major (ÇAP) and minor programs, and participates in Erasmus student mobility with international universities through bilateral agreements. Our faculty, which finds the Istanbul industry connection meaningful, provides a continuous and sustainable collaboration environment for our students through communication and stakeholder relationships with important figures and organizations in the industry.

As the School of Communication, we are preparing our students to be among the best in the world of communication from today to tomorrow, with our faculty's expertise and our technical infrastructure.

We look forward to having you join us.




School of Communication 2023-2024 Education Year-Fall Term Single / Three Course Exam

12 February 2024

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09 February 2024

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29 January 2024

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08 December 2023


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