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To contribute to the world of communication individuals who are open to national and international interactions and collaborations; who follow academic and sectoral developments in the field of communication with an innovative education philosophy; who are competent in theory and practice with physical and technical infrastructure; and who value ethical principles, through a practice-oriented education philosophy that can evaluate the needs and possibilities of the age in line with sectoral demands; to ensure proficiency in traditional and new media communication technologies, thinking globally while adhering to cultural values.

The mission of the Undergraduate Program in New Media and Communication at Istanbul Medipol University is to provide a practice-oriented education that emphasizes ethical values and the production of content within the framework of new communication technologies, to evaluate the needs and possibilities of the age we live in, the information and information era, according to sectoral demands, and to raise 'New Generation Communicators' who are theoretically sound, proficient in new technologies, globally minded, and committed to their cultural values.


In the age of information and information, in addition to training qualified personnel, to raise professional 'New Generation Communicators' who embrace democratic values and freedom of thought, and who are committed to ethical principles.

In the Age of Information and Information, to train creative, qualified new media professionals and academics who can apply the developing dynamics of new communication technologies using them effectively, who are committed to ethical principles, who aim to embrace democratic values, the freedom of thought and ideas, and who can take on roles in every area of the media sector.

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