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Media And Visual Arts

From the most ancient times that can be traced backwards to present, civilization and humanity owe their material and moral cultural development primarily to the level of communication forms and especially to the power of expression that they have gained in visual arts.

As inseparable component and representative of developments in science, art, and technology, and as extremely effective medium in catalytic transformation of society with its political, economical, and psychological dimensions, Media and Visual Arts is an interdisciplinary field, which is in a direct interaction with all branches of social sciences.

As disciplined leading sciences, arts and professions, media and new media components, which are in a continuous interaction with visual arts and visual communication designs on the basis of science, art and technology, are today considered as fourth power beside the legislative, executive, and judicial powers in the transformation and representation of society.

Media and Visual Arts, which is a direct indicative of democratic societies, functions in a very wide range of fields. As it is also nicely pointed out by Latin dictum/maxim “Vox Populi Vox Dei: The Voice of Public is the Voice of Deity”, as a firsthand carrier of the notions such as transparency, lucidity, clarity, allocation, partnership, participation, integration, adaptation, effective progression, concinnity, coordination, cooperation, solution-orientedness, solidarity, public spiritedness, interdependence, liability, accountability, auditability, common sense, consensus, propriety, productivity, effectiveness, sustainability, equality, convention, democracy, liberty, freedom, interaction, and mutual representation all of which come with the concept of the Good Governance, media investigate, represent, and reflect political, social, economic, and administrative relationship between individual, society, and state in “aesthetical” ways. In this respect media have indispensable functions for the modern societies and states through its fundamental feature presenting various creative analytical propositions to all segments in society.

Media and Visual Arts and its sub-disciplines provide quite extensive job opportunities that constantly expand and become increasingly effective in parallel to the telecommunication and information technologies.


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