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The Medipol Family


Kıvanç Eren

School of Medicine

For 15 years I was residing in the United States. I had a vast majority of choices for my education but I chose to live and study in Istanbul. My friends and relatives questioned my decision and were quite surprised. In my opinion, the education provided in Turkey, especially the one in Istanbul, is on par with the education given in the western countries. In my experience of higher education in United States, university campuses are isolated. This has many disadvantages compared to the environment of IMU; our university is integrated with the city, what offers access to all aspects of a colorful, multicultural, and developed city life.



Neda Ghadırıafshar

School of Pharmacy

My family is originally Azeri, but I was born in Ardabil, a small city in Iran. I studied English Language and Literature at Karaj Azad University, in Tehran. After getting married my husband and I moved to Istanbul. I was magnified by the beauty of this city. Moreover, the people were friendly to foreigners. Now, after three years, I feel home. Even though Iranian and Turkish cultures are different, these two people share the same religion and I can hear the ezan five times a day.

The fact that IMU was a new university, at the beginning was a source of concern for me. However, when the lessons started, I noticed that all my worries were in vain. IMU has implemented a student-centered education system. Everybody is very friendly and helpful. Our lecturers are easy to contact and the students’ ideas are always taken in consideration. This makes me proud of being part of IMU family.



Abdülkadir Yıldız

School of Medicine

Being involved in various platforms has given me the opportunity to be familiar with the structuring, offered education, implemented system, and physical conditions of various universities. Every university I have seen has convinced me that Istanbul Medipol University is one step ahead. Contradictory with its age, the implemented education system points to institutional maturity. The well-known professors that have found the opportunity to freely express themselves within a real academic institution, make the concept of "being novice" disappear, making room for the eagerness to become one of the world's best universities.




Yerçanber Ismail

Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

I am from Greece, and I feel lucky for being educated at IMU. The academic background of the professors is amazing. Furthermore, the interactive teaching relying on the smart boards, which are found in every auditorium, facilitates the process of learning. IMU also offers all its students the opportunity of internship in the hospitals of the TESA group; we have already started our internships under the care of our own professors, who are always ready to answer our questions and deal with our problems. The effort to facilitate the students' life seems to be the goal of both the academic and administrative staff. None of the students has to deal with useless bureaucratic issues. Also the change of their majors for successful students is not a problem. However, in my opinion the best side of IMU is the actively functioning clubs. Everybody has the opportunity to show his talents and socialize.



Zafera Elio Brandt Boanariziky

Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

I am from Madagascar. The paralysis that stroked my grandmother convinced me to study Physiotherapy. When I came to Istanbul to visit my father, who is a doctor here, I felt I had found the place to make my dream come true. First of all, Turkey hosts a considerable number of developed health care institutions, what means that the employment opportunities are quite high. Moreover, the peculiarity of the city is better relished in good company, like the one I found in IMU. I have a lot of friends, I see even after school. Together, we go out to eat awesome Turkish food. Every week we go to the Friday prayer together and pray Allah the same way, as we belong to the same religion. Last week, my friends celebrated my birthday with a special cake. I feel loved and cared for. Both my peers and professors were very willing to help me overcome the difficulties I had with my lectures in Turkish. Having improved my Turkish, now, I encounter almost no problems at all. I strongly advise African youth to come here and gain the chance of a lifetime.


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