This unit works on Istanbul Medipol University students' and graduates' career planning, directs them towards the internships and job finding processes, and creates relevant employment opportunities.



• Increasing the number of institutions in which students can do an internship. 

•Working on both national and international employment opportunities for Istanbul Medipol University graduates. 

•To carry out activities and studies to increase the professional and personal skills of each student/graduate according to the market qualifications and requirements. 

•To cooperate with industry, university, and other institutions and organizations to develop joint projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the Career Office?

It is a unit that works on Istanbul Medipol University students' and graduates' career planning, directs them towards the internship and job finding process, and creates relevant opportunities.


Alumni Relations


Alumni Relations Unit is a unit that works under the Career Office and provides sectoral-individual and academic support for alumni and provides alumni communication.



Serkan ORHAN – Alumni Relations Specialist

[email protected] / 444 85 44 – 2367


Duties and Responsibilities

Job and Internship Works:

1-Ensuring the interactions of students with the business world and make the necessary work to provide employment opportunities,

2- Organizing the corporate introductory activities for students to learn closely about the various professions, institutions, and the fields of activities,

3-Developing a portal where the candidates can check job and internships announcements,

4-Creating a CV data bank and make it available for organizations (private sector, public sector, and civil society organizations) to use,

5-Ensuring that students do an internship and to increase the number of the institution/s where they can do an internship,

6-Providing full/part-time job opportunities for students and graduates,

7-Providing opportunities for students and graduates to take part in the projects carried out by institutions,

8-Organizing meetings where students and graduates come together with different sectors from various institutions allow students to acquire job descriptions, business world, career opportunities in their professions and provide a connection.

Career Planning and Competence Works;

1-Providing career counselling, coaching, and mentorship services to students and graduates for career planning,

2-Organizing seminar and conference activities that will provide professional development for students,

3-Following the national and international career opportunities and inform the target audience,

4-Individual career planning for students and graduates, job searching, to make them gain competence in presenting their professional and personal accumulations and organize training and publishing activities, coordinate and support it,

5-Run tests to detect the personal and professional competencies of the students and to help to create a career plan

6-Execute training activities and press activities such as training, certificate programs to make students gain experience in professional competencies and develop, to coordinate and support them,


1-Working in coordination with the Entrepreneurship Centre for the career developments of students with enterprise potential.

2-Working in coordination with the TTO Project Development Unit for students with potential in graduation projects, scientific research to benefit from relevant funds establishments,

3-Working in coordination with Continuing Education Centre within the frame of activities such as various training and seminars,

4-Developing activities in coordination with student clubs and to support planning or organizing,

5-Organizing Istanbul Medipol University Career Days at least once a year,

6-Carry out studies in terms of enlarging the cooperations playing a bridge between the university and business world, and to work in coordination with TTO University-Industry Cooperation Office about the topics such as industrial counselling, technology transfer emerged during this interaction,

7-To cooperate on the issues determined on career planning and within the framework of the accreditation institutions' career planning requests in the studies conducted by the Quality Commission,

8-Informing the students on job searching techniques either with seminars or individual interviews, to help them write an effective CV and to have a successful interview experience,

9-Following the career developments of the graduates and help to create a database where their information is uploaded,

10-Following the career developments of alumni in coordination with the Medipol Alumni Relations and support it,

11-Giving support to the external stakeholder meetings of the Graduate School, Schools, Vocational Schools and Departments,

12-Following the satisfaction of the students and alumni via career development works, in terms of dissatisfaction; to organize necessary corrective, preventive actions,

13-Fulfilling the other duties given by the Rector.


CV Counseling

Online CV Counseling

Career Office Online CV Counseling Registration Form

You can e-mail www.[email protected] for detailed information.  *Required



Phone Number



1-2-3-4-Prep School-Graduate

Have you ever prepared a CV before?

I hereby acknowledge and confirm,

LPPD (Law on the Protection of Personal Data),



What is a CV / Background?

CV is a document where we summarize our education and experiences to use in job and internship applications. Derived from Latin, 'Curriculum Vitae' means "life fluency". It is used as 'background' in Turkish and 'resume' in English.

Why should you take the 'CV Counseling" service?

When we want to apply for a job or an internship, career portals are our first address.

The first step to create a background is the CV templates in these portals.

Of course, you can use this method, but this will make you nothing but one of the thousands who applied for this position.

If we look at what human resources specialists and business-world professionals say; one of the most fundamental things is; STAND OUT!

That is why a personalized background will make you stand out among other candidates.

A well-prepared background increases the chance of an interview invitation.


How does the "Background / CV Counseling" process work?

If you prepare a CV for the first time, you can fill in the templates on our website. If you send us after filling in, we can inform you about the corrections. Our meetings will continue until the CV is completely edited. If there is a CV that you have prepared before, we can work on that as well. Send us, and we will send you our suggestions.


Our e-mail address: [email protected]

Click for the CV templates.


What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter must be written about the applied position for not too long.

The focus must be on the professional identity and the values one might contribute to the institution rather than the cover letter's CV. It is crucial to explain why you want this job.


Cover Letter Format

Start: You must talk about the position you are applying for and why the employer should invite you to an interview.


Introduction: You should explain where you saw the job advertisement and why you decided to apply.


Body: You should specify which of your qualifications fits the job. You should form strong connections between the job necessities and your talents. You should back up your sentences with some proof. You should try to cohere for it is going to be evaluated with your CV.

Conclusion: You can finish your cover letter by giving thanks to the officer for dealing with your application and that you are waiting for information about the updates.


Closure: You can write down your name-surname and finish it with your thanks and signature.


Click for the Cover Letter templates.



Online Career Counseling

Career Office Online Career Counseling Registration Form

You can e-mail www.[email protected] for detailed information.  *Required



Phone Number



1-2-3-4-Prep School-Graduate


Language of Instruction

  1. Turkish/English

Are you enrolled in a double major? (If yes, department-grade)

Are you enrolled in a minor program? (If yes, department-grade)

Interview Subject*

  1. I want an opinion on jobs and internships
  2. I want to discuss the opportunities regarding my department
  3. I want to discuss what I can learn with Career Office.
  4. Other:



Career Counseling

If you;

want to work/do an internship but do not know where to begin,

feel uncertain about job and profession,

want to finalize your business world steps,

feel anxious in general,

have questions about career,

do not know, do not have anything to write down in your CV and do not know what to do,

have goals related to your department,

want to shape your career map,

look for new ways to improve yourself,

You should reach us. You can make an appointment to see our career counsellors in person.


Interview Counseling

Online Interview Counseling

Career Office Online Interview Counseling Registration Form.

You can send an e-mail to [email protected] for detailed information.

* Required.



1-2-3-4 /Prep-School / Graduate

Do you have a current CV? *



Have you ever had an interview experience? *




I hereby acknowledge and confirm, LPPD (Law on the Protection of Personal Data)*


Interview Counseling and Interview Simulation Advantage,


You have probably heard people say, 'I have been looking for an internship, I have been to numerous interviews, but I do not think it is positive.' Maybe you are one of the people who do not get a comeback.


Usually, after the interviews, we are given only the positive or negative results of the interview. It is not always possible to learn how the interview went. That is why it is nearly impossible to find out why the interview did not end well.


What did you do wrong during the interview? You might have these questions on your mind; if you asked many questions or not at all? Did you not make eye-contact or exaggerated it? You said you would do anything to 'For which position we should hire you for?' question, or your clothing was not appropriate?


We are here to find the answers together. We give you feedback on how you can act during an interview and answer more effectively after simulation.


How do we do it?

Firstly, we make appointments about the calendar,

We learn about the profession you are studying or planning to pursue, and we prepare about it,

We do interview simulations either online or in the same room with you,

Our interviews are approximately 45 minutes long,

At the end of the interview, we give you feedback on how to improve your answers, tone, ability to express yourself, what to say, and anything to better it.


What is the advantage?

It teaches us;


How we should answer which question at an interview,

How our tone should be,

How we should use our body language,

How should our gestures and mimics be,

How we should express ourselves,

How we should prepare for the interview,

How we should overcome our excitement during the interview.




Contact Information

Kavacık Campus

Address: Kavacık Güney Kampüsü Göztepe Mahallesi Atatürk Caddesi Numara 40 Beykoz 34815 Istanbul


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Name Surname                          Emre URFALI

Title                                            Career Office Director

Telephone (Ext)                          444 85 44 / 2364

E-Mail                                         [email protected]





Name Surname                   Serkan Orhan

Title                                    Alumni Relations Specialist

Telephone (Ext)                 444 85 44 / 2367

E-Mail                                [email protected]



Name Surname                 Gamze Gül PALAZ

Title                                   Career Office Assistant Specialist

Telephone (Ext)                444 85 44 / 2363

E-Mail                               [email protected]



Name Surname                  Hatice DEMİR

Title                                    Career Office Assistant Specialist

Telephone (Ext)                444 85 44 / 2363

E-Mail                                [email protected]



Name Surname                 Reyyan Aynur ALP

Title                                   Career Office Assistant Specialist / Psychologist

Telephone (Ext)                444 85 44 / 2363

E-Mail                               [email protected]



Career Office Mail Address            [email protected]



What happens here?





Office Works


Career Talks

Job / Internship Advertisements

Company Trips

Business World Comments

BIGEL Program

Online Activities

Corporate Cooperation

Career Ambassadors


Student Clubs

Student Comments


Business World Comments

Halil Erdoğmuş

General Director of ebebek


"The talks Istanbul Medipol University Career Office organizes is one of the most effective programs I have ever attended. I met listeners who have good command over their subjects, a youth hungry for learning, individuals who want to improve themselves, and I saw an enormous hope for the business world. This kind of organization makes a huge contribution to students to attend the business world more equipped. I advise students to follow this and similar programs carried out successfully by the Career Office."



Mehmet Fatih Yorulmaz

CEO Advisor of Albaraka Türk Katılım Bank

"Istanbul Medipol University Career Office supports students' theoretical education they acquired at school with practice and enriches it by bringing them and the experts from the business world an


The Career Office brings together successful people from the business world and academia with their students and supports and enriches their theoretical education with practice.


More importantly, watching Career Office personnel doing their jobs with love reflects positive energy to the students and the invited visitors. If I said Istanbul Medipol University Career Office is one of the most active and contributing centres, I believe that would not be an exaggeration.'




Mehmet Erkan Aydın

Human Resources Director of Türk Telekom AssisTT  - Writer


Career Office plays a vital role in increasing the interaction between students and companies, merging theory and practice, and transforming them into an actual business output. We appreciate the works of the Career Office for each stage of our young friends' getting to know the business world, making their career planning correctly, doing projects, internships, working part-time and full-time employment opportunities.

I wish for more students to be aware of their surroundings and cross paths with Career Office to make a difference during their school years.




Association of the Student Clubs

We closely work with our student clubs and support them. In this context, joining more than 50 clubs has led to the Association of Student Clubs to improve unity and solidarity and increase productivity.


Student Clubs

We continue to work with our 50+ student clubs and produce more than 20 with work. We organize various events and bring students and the business world together.


Career Ambassadors

Who are they?

  • They work just as the Career Office representatives,
  • They are the ones worried about the future,
  • They are interested in the business world and career subjects,
  • Try to improve themselves,
  • Search for new job opportunities related to their departments,
  • Want to gain career awareness to their department,
  • Good at communication, active, friendly, interested
  • They are eager to learn,


Their responsibilities;

  • Announcing the Career Office works to their associated departments/grades.
  • Following their fields related topics,
  • Participating in the works of "career awareness" related to their departments,
  • Giving feedback to the Career Office on business development for profession/department.
  • Collecting feedback on project suggestions focused on business/career development from the related department/grade,
  • Actively participating in the activities of Career Office and take parts,
  • Supporting the office work taking place. 





CV-Interview Workshop

Optimum Çözüm (Inc.) Human Resources - Writer Özkan Başak

Özkan Başak, the writer of "Letters from Human Resources -1" and the Human Resources Director of Optimum Çözüm (Inc.), gave training intended to our students within the scope of "Job, Internship and Interview Workshops".


Interview Workshop

Nuh Çimento Human Resources Director Ersin Başyıldız

Ersin Başyıldız, Human Resources Director of Nuh Çimento, gave training intended to our students within the scope of "Job, Internship and Interview Workshops."


Interview Workshop

Sodexo Human Resources Speacialist Çiğdem Dinçer

Çiğdem Dinçer, Human Resources Specialist of Sodexo, experienced a live interview with our students within the "Job, Internship and Interview Workshops" scope.