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The Bologna Process

Bologna Declaration, which was signed on 19 June 1999 by ministers in charge of higher education from European countries. It is an intergovernmental European reform process aimed at establishing the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) by 2010.

This European Higher Education Area is envisaged as an open space that allows students, graduates, and higher education staff to benefit from unhampered mobility and equitable access to high quality higher education.

The key to success of the Bologna cooperation is the underlying partnership approach, in both policy-making and implementation. Today, the Process unites 47 countries, including Turkey, all party to the European Cultural Convention, that cooperate in a flexible way, involving also international organizations and European associations representing higher education institutions, students, staff and employers.

IMU has been paying much effort to adapt to the Bologna Process closely, and has been preparing the Diploma Supplements as a part of it.

The European Higher Education Area

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