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School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy
Our mission is to be the national leader in Pharmacy education with a curriculum designed to prepare pharmacy graduates for lifelong learning and leadership capabilities as drug therapy managers in the nation's healthcare system. The pharmacist of the 21st century has significant responsibility for managing drug therapy, counseling patients on proper use of medications, and monitoring drug therapy outcomes.

We are dedicated to teaching and research in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. The prospects for pharmacy education and research are exciting, and our students will enjoy their experience in our department.

The school provides undergraduate education in pharmaceutical science. IMU has also undertaken research focused on advancing and understanding medicines and healthcare, and on creating new medicines.

We train pharmacists who are capable and ready to take responsibilities, who can contribute to the health of society by doing investigative, inquisitive, and analytical research, and who enlarge knowledge based on ethical values.

The School of Pharmacy consists of a five-year program in Turkish. It provides its students with professional educational and research enabling them to make the grade in their professional life. The School of Pharmacy trains a student for a victorious career in the field pharmaceuticals. For a satisfactory preparation, the future pharmacists are made acquainted with courses in basic sciences. The degree trains the students to become practitioners of pharmacy with absolute responsibility towards supervision of drugs on patients.

The degree will train students for work in following capacities:

  • Staff in Pharmacy companies
  • Medical support staff in healthcare centers
  • Pharmacist
  • Health Care Consultants
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