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Living Robotics Lab

living robotics


Who we are:

Our laboratory is based in the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the Istanbul Medipol University. Our group is the harmony of Mechatronic Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science Programs. If you are willing to do your undergraduate research in our lab, please contact [email protected] with a short blurb about yourself. 

What we do:

The Living Robotics (LR) Laboratory focuses on the design, control, implementation and evaluation of biomechatronic systems that aim to enhance human abilities, to measure human performance, to give human users the best possible means to carry out their intentions and even also to address the difficulties in surgical operations. In particular, we analyze and derive principles to design physical human-robot interaction (pHRI) of a system and its control, and build devices for use by human bodies. Our success criterion is to achieve natural and safe pHRI considering the constraints due to the anthropometry, control architecture behind the neuromuscular system of human and biomechanics.

Our current projects include upper limb prosthetic devices, variable stiffness actuators, tele-impedance control interface, sEMG and EEG based natural control interfaces, wearable robots for motor training and rehabilitation for human augmentation, haptic devices for interface to remote and virtual environments. Our research runs the gamut in the use of mechatronic systems, design and development of soft (elastomeric) robots, smart materials, and soft actuator technology.  We are driving our studies in these new directions to reveal high tech wearable and portable human interface robots.

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