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The RUHMER is a laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine of the Istanbul Medipol University working on cutting-edge research within Dream, Sleep, and Hypnosis.

The laboratory started in 2018 with our director Professor Ağargün and seven researchers.


Our mission is to produce benefits for society and medicine by conducting psychological, physiological and neurobiological research in the fields of dreams, sleep and hypnosis; To produce original and qualified scientific knowledge and to train research scientists in these fields.


Our vision is to be a leading center that aims to provide biopsychosocial well-being through studies in the fields of dream, sleep and hypnosis.

Our research on sleep focuses on:

- neural mechanisms underlying sleep and wakefulness

- the relationship of sleep with emotion, cognition, memory, and metabolism

- the association between sleep patterns and neurodegenerative diseases

- the relationship between healthy cognitive aging and sleep

- circadian rhythm, sleep, and mood

- napping and its effects on cognition, memory, and mood

- the effects of caffeine on sleep

On dream, we investigate:

- the content of dreams and its effects on the daily life of the dreamer

- electrophysiological correlates of different kinds of dreams, like big dreams

Concerning hypnosis, we study on:

- the behavioral, cognitive and neural correlates of hypnosis

- hypnotic dreams and their therapeutic effects

- the modeling of hypnotic confabulation

Furthermore, we particularly interest in critical analytical thinking.

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