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Publication Commission

The Publication Commission consists of two faculty members to be determined by the university administrative board under the chairmanship of a vice-rector. The publication board makes the necessary plans for publications following the principles determined by the university senate, takes all kinds of decisions and monitors the practices. Commission decisions become final with the approval of the university administrative board.

It regulates the publication of academic and cultural publications, congress and symposium publications, textbooks, lecture notes, supplementary textbooks, educational tools prepared in computer and electronic media prepared by the faculty members of our university. In this context, publications to be made by our university and its affiliated units (related to books used as course tools, lecture notes and supplementary textbooks) are subject to the Universities Publication Regulation dated 03.02.1984 prepared in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Higher Education Law No. 2547. The responsibility of the works to be published in terms of science and language belongs to the authors. The works are delivered to the Rectorate, Dean's Office, School and Graduate School Directorates, together with the written declarations of the authors that they agree to have their works published in accordance with the conditions of this regulation. The works prepared by the lecturers, lecturers and teaching assistants alone are presented with the opinion of the department they work in. Universities publish all kinds of publications; 2 copies for the Council of Higher Education, 5 copies for the university library to which the unit is affiliated, one for each of the lecturers related to the subject in all universities, two for the libraries of institutions teaching on the same subject in Turkey. They give one each to the given persons and institutions and each to the libraries of higher education institutions in the Turkic Republics that teach on the same subject.

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