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Ombudsman for Anti-Discrimination and Equality

The Ombudsman is an independent and impartial on campus organization established in 2021 at Medipol University that seeks to promote Equality and combat any form of discrimination within the university campus. It is a resource intended for international students currently attending Medipol University. The idea behind the organization emerged out the need to provide guidance, feedback and a channel for students to formally file complaints of discrimination at the university. The objective is to provide international students with effective solutions for discriminatory practices and interactions they may experience at the university. 

Ombudsman - Prof. Dr. Bekir Berat ÖZİPEK

Ombudsman - Assist. Prof. Yakup Levent KORKUT

Deputy Ombudsman - Assist. Prof. Arda AKÇİÇEK

Deputy Ombudsman - Assist. Prof. Duygu ÖZTÜRK

Deputy Ombudsman - Assoc. Prof. Faik TANRIKULU

Deputy Ombudsman - Assist. Prof. Halime Safiye ATALAY

Office Assistant - Şeyma YEŞİLYURT

Istanbul Medipol University has a responsibility to protect every student's right to learn in a safe environment free from unlawful discrimination and to prevent unjust deprivations of that right. Ombudsman aims to maintain a channel of communication and assistance for international students in incidences of discrimination that may disturb their peaceful learning environment.

  • Hearing concerns brought by international students regarding any form of discriminatory behavior they may be subjected to at the university.
  • Supporting the university administration in creating and enforcing anti-discrimination policies that foster equality for all students on campus.
  •  Informing relevant offices and bodies of reported discriminatory behaviors and suggesting a course of action and new policies to address them. 
  • Supporting activities that promote and strengthen a discrimination-free environment and language within the university. 

The purpose of the Ombudsman for the Anti-Discrimination and Equality is;

To increase the awareness of Istanbul Medipol University students and staff against discrimination; to prevent them from encountering all kinds of discriminatory behaviours and attitudes based on language, race, colour, gender, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect and similar reasons; to promote the adoption of principles of equal and responsible behaviour; In this context, it is to increase the overall satisfaction of the academic, administrative staff and students of the university by contributing to the development of professional relations based on equal treatment between the relevant administrative and academic units of the university and the personnel of these units and students.



Medipol established the Office of the Ombudsman for Anti-Discrimination and Equality

Haberin Devamı İçin Tıklayınız


[email protected]

444 85 44


How to Contact the Ombudsman?

To file a complaint and request assistance from us, please complete the discrimination complaint form and submit it to the Ombudsman via e-mail.

Discrimination Complaint Form Submission (Complaint Resolution Process)

  1. Complaint Form Submission

Students must complete the Ombudsman’s Discrimination Complaint Form detailing incidences of discrimination they may have experienced and submit it via e-mail at [email protected], or in person at our office on the south campus located in room 5B.

Once a complaint is filed and received, the Ombudsman’s office will evaluate it and determine if it falls within incidences of discriminations covered by the office and by the university policy.

Upon evaluation the complainant will be informed of the status of their claim and whether or not it has been approved for investigation. 

  1. Examination

The claim is investigated in depth by the Ombudsman office and relevant person(s) and bodies are contacted when necessary. 

  1. Contact

The Ombudsman will maintain communication with the student.

  1. Complaint Resolution

The ombudsman office will discuss potential options available for the resolution of the complaint. The office will then inform the student making the complaint and relevant person(s)/bodies of its opinions and recommendations.

How long will it take to complete an investigation?

Every case regarding discrimination has its own complexities and specific procedures. There is no predetermined time frame for the examination process and conclusion. Please feel free to contact the ombudsman office about the progress of your claim.  

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