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Research Center For Healthcare Systems and Policies

Sağlık Sistemleri ve Politikaları UAM

With the education and differences it provides, Istanbul Medipol University gains permanent superiorities, focuses on science and technology production, adopts as a principle to raise individuals who can meet the changing needs of society, and accepts to contribute to society and universal science. It is aimed to evaluate the experience and accumulation of our university, which is a leading institution that has accomplished both national and international successful studies in the field of health since its establishment, in order to reveal studies on health systems and policies.

It was found suitable at the İMÜ Health Systems and Policies Implementation and Research Center meeting on 21.02.2018, in order to contribute to health-related issues, to produce evidence-based policies, and to guide health administrators and decision-makers by benefiting from the expertise of different disciplines in our university. It was established.