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Research Center For Healthcare Systems and Policies

Sağlık Sistemleri ve Politikaları UAM

Istanbul Medipol University, aiming to educate individuals capable of contributing to society and universal science, and focusing on generating science and technology, has gained lasting advantages through its education and distinctiveness. Since its establishment, it has excelled in both national and international successful works in the field of health.

The experience and accumulation in this field possessed by our university, a leading institution that has made significant contributions to health from its inception, are intended to be evaluated for producing works related to health systems and policies.

Utilizing the expertise of experts from various disciplines within our university, the aim is to contribute to health-related topics, generate evidence-based policies, and provide guidance to healthcare managers and decision-makers. In line with this objective, the Istanbul Medipol University Health Systems and Policies Implementation and Research Center was established on 21st February 2018, following approval in the Higher Education Executive Board meeting.

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