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Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer, quantitates DNA, RNA, and protein with unprecedented accuracy, sensitivity, and simplicity.

This device is frequently used with precious animal or human protein samples before Western Blot analysis and also with applications which require precise measurement such as real-time PCR.

Roche ACEA xCELLigence RTCA DP Analyzer, allows label-free and real-time monitoring of cellular processes using electronic cell sensor array technology. It has three integrated stations and is used inside a tissue culture incubator.

The RTCA DP Analyzer is used to monitor cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, adhesion, viability, invasion, and migration. Cell Index values, derived from the measured impedances, are continuously displayed on the Software user interface for real-time evaluation.

Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS+ system and Image Lab™ software, uses a CCD high-resolution, high-sensitivity detection technology and modular options to accommodate a wide range of samples.

This device is used for fluorescence, colorimetry, densitometry, chemiluminescence, and chemifluorescence imaging for fast, integrated and automated image capture and analysis of various samples.

Leica CM1950 Cryostat, is a clinical cyostat for high quality sectioning of frozen tissues which contains an in-built UV disinfection system.

This device is used to rapidly section frozen tissues such as brain, kidney, prostate in thicknesses between 1 – 50 um’s.