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The scientific world has come to an understanding that the design and conduct of biomedical research should aim translation of findings from bench to bedside. The true value of utilization of scientific knowledge for well-being of humans has been especially appreciated globally through bitter lessons taken through Covid-19 pandemic. It has also been acknowledged that only by collaboration of multiple disciplines it is possible to run the scientific research efficiently and to generate tangible outcomes. SABITA (Research Institute for Health Sciences and Technologies) was built upon its successor – REMER (Regenerative and Restorative Medicine Research Center) as a comprehensive research environment that hosts multiple centers and facilities that encompass a wide spectrum of scientific, technical and applied topics from regenerative medicine to neuroscience and drug development to cancer research. We especially value the closeness of biology and engineering and by all means encourage their marriage in fruitful common projects. By unrestricted access to high-technology core facilities, centers, research groups and individual scientists of SABITA can focus on their projects with the confidence of infrastructural and administrative support. This unified way of resource allocation for research maximizes efficiency and minimizes redundancies. SABITA was formally inaugurated in 2017 by the financial support of Turkish Presidency, Strategy and Budget Office. Since then, it has attracted many qualified scientists from all over the world.  Several PIs, students and post docs are enjoying the lively scientific atmosphere of SABITA. We have developed collaborations with many national and international institutes and keep our enthusiasm for new ones.  We are always open to new ideas and welcome applications for potential positions for talented scientists.

Gürkan Öztürk, MD, PhD