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Open Positions
We are seeking for highly motivated, resilient and talented MSc/PhD students and post-doctoral researchers to join our multidisciplinary research projects, which are correlated with design, control, implementation, and evaluation of biomechatronic systems to enhance human abilities, measure human performance, give human users the best possible means to carry out their intentions. In particular, we analyze and derive principles to design physical human-robot interaction (pHRI) of a system and its control, and build devices for use by human bodies. Our success criterion is to achieve natural and safe pHRI considering the constraints due to the anthropometry, control architecture behind the neuromuscular system of human and biomechanics.
For more information please contact [email protected].

How to Apply
For pre-evaluation, Interested applicants should submit  (i) CV with links to online version of papers, thesis, capstone project reports and transcripts (ii) if available GRE, TOEFL, ALES, YDS, etc. scores (iii) a brief statement of purpose. Please explain which position you would like to apply for and why you would be interested in working on the topic.

TUBITAK 1001:  
Fully Funded 1 MSc and 1 PhD positions, a three-year project on BalanSENS: Robotic platform system for balance analysis, rehabilitation and assistance with feedforward and feedback

TUBITAK 3501: 

Fully Funded 1 MSc position, a two-year project on design and EMG based control of a hand prosthesis

Living Robotics Laboratory welcomes researcher and graduate students in the field of mechatronics engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, biomedical engineering, physics programmes. We recommend that national and international researchers and graduate students apply to the following scholarship programs.
Some but not limited to:

Graduate Students:

For International Graduate Students: 2215-Graduate Scholarship Programme for International Students

For National Graduate Students: 2211-Yurt Ici Lisansustu Burs Programi (2210-A, 2228-A, 2210E, 2211-A, 2228-B and 2211-E)

Research Fellows:

For National Researcher: 2232-Yurda Dönüş Araştırma Burs Programı

For National Researcher: 2218-Yurt içi Doktora Sonrası Araştırma Bursu

For International Researcher: 2216-Research Fellowship Programme for International Researcher



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