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Internship and Practices

Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Pharmacy provides all necessary support to its students regarding internships in all pharmacy-related fields of their choice to improve the students’ ability to work and communicate with their future colleagues, patients, and other stakeholders.  

The faculty’s internship commission evaluates students’ participation and all necessary skills acquired during the internship. The faculty follows up on all students during their internships.   

Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Pharmacy internship directive can be accessed below. 


'Staj Katkı Payı Yararlanma Formu' and 'Staj Yapılan Kurumun Devlet Desteği Alabilmesi İçin Form' must be filled and submitted to Istanbul Medipol University Career Office through e-mail ([email protected]) for the internship provider to recieve support from İŞKUR during your internship.  

Internship Commission Members

Istanbul Medipol University School of Pharmacy Internship Directive

Internship Process

Internship Application Form

Compulsory Intership Form

Internship Logbook

Internship Evaluation Form Information

Internship Evaluation Form

Internship Supervision Form

Internship Periods and Internship Facilities

Staj Katkı Payı Yararlanma Formu

Internship Approval Form

Internship Learning Objectives

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