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New Media and Communication Systems

New Media and Communication Systems

A significant revolution has taken place in communication world as a result of the development of new communication technologies, especially those related to the web and Internet. With the spread of Internet and communication technologies throughout the world under the influence of globalization, new communication fields emerged with their own characteristics.

These new communication fields based Internet technologies are named as New Media. New media have the features of both traditional media and new communication technologies. Communication fields in New Media have their own unique codes and communication language that are different from conventional media. Because of its own features, New Media have been transforming the communication systems in traditional media.

As a substantial part of global world, the New Media deeply affect life styles of the individuals as well as business forms. Therefore, it is needed to examine New Media, whose defining feature is Internet technologies, as a separate discipline from traditional media. 

Increasing its importance and influence every day, New Media have communication platforms used by both public and private institutions. Only experts specialized in the field can administer communication processes in New Media. Therefore, the demand for the “New Media Communication Specialists” has been increasing.

A multidirectional education will be provided to our students during their undergraduate studies. In the curriculum of New Media and Communication Systems, there are both theoretical and applied courses such as social media, web technologies, online advertising, internet broadcasting/publishing, digital communication technologies, game and software application design, desktop publishing, entrepreneurship, digital marketing communication, audio-visual broadcasting techniques, digital authorship, digital culture, new media literacy, and copywriting.

Our program aims to provide students with expertise in professions of New Media and Communication Systems such as Internet journalism, social media expertise, Internet broadcasting, Internet advertising, digital copywriting, and digital marketing communication.

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