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Journalism has an important function for the continuity of knowledge sharing in the public field and for informing people about the local and global events. In these respects, for the sake of correct and fair news flow, reporter candidates have to get appropriate training in line with the needs of the profession.

Journalism has continued its existence primarily for the society and for the defense of its cultural richness since the beginning of 17th century when it first emerged in the modern times. Today known and practiced as modern science, graduates of the Department of Journalism can work in various positions in the media sector, such as reporter, editor, columnist, secretary of page, Internet site editor, photographer or social media consultant. Also graduates can become news reporter in politics, economy, sports, foreign affairs, culture-arts, tabloid press, automotive and health.

Department of Journalism at Istanbul Medipol University gives utmost importance to the basic principles of Journalism and it aims teaching both theoretical and practical knowledge to its students. Firstly as Department of Journalism we aim to teach our students the theoretical and the applied knowledge that they will use during their professional lives. By effective use of communication technologies, our teaching staff transfers the applied knowledge to the students. Upon graduation, our students will have the capacity to work in any institution that operates in the media sector. Secondly, the Department aims to create social awareness and contribute to the formation of social and cultural sensitivity that the journalists must possess.

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