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Rules Students Must Follow During Exams

a) Students must be present in the examination hall before the start of the exam. Admission of students who enter the examination hall after the exam has started is at the discretion of the instructor.

b) Students can only enter the exam in the examination hall announced on MEBIS (Educational Information System). Therefore, students should not take the exam in a classroom where their name is not on the list and should not add their names to the attendance list to take the exam.

c) During the exam, students are obliged to comply with the instructions and warnings of the instructor regarding the conduct of the exam; contrary behavior will be considered within the scope of disciplinary investigation.

d) The exam invigilator has the right to change the students' seats in the examination hall if they wish. Action for "disrupting the exam order" will be taken against students who object to this.

e) It is the fundamental duty of the student to comply with the exam rules. Students who behave contrary to the rules will not be allowed to continue with the exam. However, the examiners may choose not to warn those who behave contrary to the rules in order not to distract other students and to prevent loss of time. Regardless of the chosen course of action, the identities of these students will be clearly written in the exam record for their behavior contrary to the exam order, and a disciplinary investigation will be initiated against them.

f) Students can bring their student ID and materials such as pens, erasers, etc., that will be used in the exam, as well as resources allowed by the instructor to the examination hall. Any items not listed (cell phones, lecture notes and books, etc.) should be placed where students cannot reach them during the exam. Exam supervisors oversee cell phones, lecture notes, textbooks, and other items for the exam order. Students engaged with communication devices such as cell phones and tablet PCs during the exam will be treated as cheating.

g) Students are prohibited from giving or receiving any items from each other during the exam for any reason.

h) When submitting exam documents, students must ensure that their identity information and signatures are included in these documents.

i) At the end of the exam period, the exam docuents must be fully submitted to the exam supervisors. A report will be prepared for students who do not submit the exam documents (question and answer sheets).

j) Students who have submitted the exam documents and left the hall cannot re-enter the exam hall for any reason. A report will be prepared for students who violate this rule.

k) In multiple-choice tests, students can leave the hall after all answer sheets have been confirmed to be submitted.

l) Students will not be admitted to the exam after 15 minutes from the start of the exam or after a student has left the examination hall.



Studens who have overlapping exams in the Midterm Exam schedule will be given the right to take a make-up exam if they report this situation to the Faculty Secretariat with a petition. The make-up exam dates for students who submit a petition and whose excuses are accepted will be announced by the Faculty Secretariat on the Faculty Web page.

Students whose exams overlap for various reasons will take all necessary precautions to avoid any grievances due to exam overlaps if they apply to the Faculty Secretariat with a petition by the end of office hours in the week before the final exams.

The exam papers for the overlapping exams indicated by the students in their petitions will be brought to the exam halls. There will be no student transfer between halls.

Students who do not submit a petition can take the resit exam.

In cases of course overlap during the resit exams, students must inform the exam supervisor of this situation before the start of the exam.

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