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İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi

Today, it is the human capital which makes organizations different and more successful than their rivals.

The most important characteristics of human capital or human is that it cannot be substituted with any other tools or capital. So, it is vital to hire well–educated personnel equipped with necessary skills for modern business life. Therefore together with human capital, human resources labor is also gaining importance in business not only for private sector but also for government organizations.

The main objective of Human Resources Department is to educate our students with business administration topics and enhance them with human resources issues, regulations and laws. Our aim is to make them successful human resources experts who could work at any sector. Our graduates will be good communicators, negotiators, social individuals and team workers. 

On the other hand, through our compulsory industrial training program for one semester (8th Semester), our students have a chance to unite their theoretical knowledge with practice in the industry. With this experience, they can create new job opportunities for themselves. The program is supported with international internship programs and has Erasmus partner departments in European universities.

Students have opportunity of completing another BA degree as a Double Major if they fulfil the requirements of the program. Turkish is the medium of education in Human Resources Department. However, courses in English may also be offered to international students.

By choosing this program at our school, you will benefit from the future opportunities of human resources like a good career and promising wages and also have a chance to enjoy the beauties and city life in Istanbul while you continue your education.

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