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Urban Design and Landscape Architecture


The Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture aims to educate urban designers and landscape architects, who have an awareness that the city has a different scale function and identity qualities within its settlement system and layout, to preserve and improve all social, economic, cultural, structural qualities, community and individual needs of all natural environments and structural cultural assets that exist in established areas with approaches that enable sustainable modern, creative, innovative, and healthy conditions and relationships, designing and supervising the applications for their purposes in accordance with the requirements of the time.

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture is a design-oriented program, a profession discipline that brings together architecture, engineering, art and natural sciences.

The program includes compulsory and elective courses covering urban space pattern, organization and design of public open spaces, planning of residential settlements, environmental regulation, urban renewal, historical conservation, zoning and environmental law.

The rates of finding employment in the private sector and research institutions both in the world and in our country in organizations such as municipalities, universities, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration; the worldwide reputation of the institutions and research centers they serve at, will constitute our basic success criteria. For this purpose, courses, research studies and internships will be closely monitored during undergraduate education.

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