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Interior Architecture And Environmental Design(English)


Interior Architecture and Environmental Design is a profession based on meeting the expectations of the user; creating an aesthetic identity; providing solutions for the functional requirements using scientific and technical data in order to design the most comfortable environment.

Architectural integrity requires planning for every open/closed environment with respect to the values of volume; analyzing functionality taking into consideration the human factors, ergonomics, physiological, psychological and universal values, socio-environmental criteria and organizing the theories related to scientific, artistic and technical schools of thought.

This organization is realized with the integration of structure, volume, function, individual, society, form, color, material, technic, time, economic theories, scientific, artistic, environmental systems on information, ability and design talent.

At the department of interior architecture and environmental design, students will be trained as professionals with analytical thinking skills who are able to find solutions for interior design problems by taking user needs at the center. In addition, the interdisciplinary approach enables students from different departments to interact with well-known national and international professionals known for their pioneering innovations. Therefore in this context, we aim to train interior architects, who are creative and innovative; who combine the relation of form and function with aesthetics; who are able to produce the original solutions by taking advantage of computer- aided design and environmental technology.

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