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The Department of Architecture aims to educate architects and designers who can perceive design from a multi disciplinary perspective, who can follow and contribute to contemporary developments both at a national and international level, who can develop creative solutions, and who have a solid knowledge of design/construction law and project management as well as sustainability.

For the above reasons, the curriculum of the Department of Architecture of Istanbul Medipol University is specifically designed as a new and unique model that integrates architectural studio themes with technology, art, architectural history and professional practice, creating a strong foundation for professional life.

Another important goal of our department is to educate future architects with an understanding of three pillars of sustainability (economical, social, ecological) as well as spiritual and aesthetical bases.

The program also aims to develop digital competence in the early stages of architectural education. Preparation for real professional life is dependent on the early acquisition of modern management techniques in the coordination and administration of human and material resources.

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