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Civil Engineering (CE) aims to understand the civilization developments with invention of innovative engineering design methodologies, algorithms, managements and procedures.

Furthermore, CE depends on scientific and technological applications and develops approaches that cover basic scientific application principles and complex engineering designs to cope with some of the greatest challenges at different scales.

  Civil engineering education provides firm and sustainable foundations with up to date challenges to solve the problems related to social and civil services in construction, transportation, environment and energy sectors. CE department undergraduate program is established on elastic background in science applications from engineering point of view with emphasis on hand made design to application research projects that provide services to the society and both prior to own country and world at large. 

The undergraduate program educates and prepares students for careers in fields as diverse as engineering design, application and management. Graduates have opportunity to work in local and international diverse companies and firms, to initiate their own business, to hold leadership positions in government or private organizations. 

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