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The Department of Computer Engineering of Medipol University is designed to provide its students broad perspective in the field of computer engineering, which is and will be one of the main driving forces of globalization and technological advancement.

At Medipol University, our mathematics, science and engineering based curriculum is supported by compulsory non-technical and elective courses, enabling students to improve their Professional capabilities, social, career and ethical responsibilities and also to understand the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.

We provide the opportunity to study up to two semesters in Europe through the Erasmus programme, as well as pursuing a double majör or major/minor program. Students gain hands-on experience through the laboratory-based education and participation in the research projects. Compulsory internships in the summers following the fourth and sixth semesters enable students to gain experience in the application areas of their interests. At Medipol, Computer Engineering students are also given the chance to work in research projects starting from the third year. As the university provides a diverse collaboration between its departments, Computer Engineering students can work in projects from the medical area to the civil engineering. A vast application potential of Computer Engineering broadens students envision.

The Department of Computer Engineering has the strategy to equip the students with the qualifications to solve real-life problems and sustain continuous professional development. Being in an age of technology, the graduates will have lots of opportunities such as hardware and software development in various fields if the field of computing is right for you, the Department of Computer Engineering at Istanbul Medipol University is the perfect place for you to be innovative, creative, team worker, design new products and solve problems.

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