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Industrial Engineering (IE) is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that applies science, mathematics, and engineering methods to complex systems which basically involves human, material, and machine parts.

So rather than applying skills to very specific areas, industrial engineers have the opportunity to work in a variety of businesses fields from manufacturing to service industries with help of their strong education that supports building a foundation of science, mathematics, economics, and engineering principles that prepares them achieve a standpoint at solving a wide variety of problems. The curriculum of IE focuses on teaching key notions to students about planning and optimization of production and manufacturing processes together with productivity and quality improvement by considering human factors and supporting systems thinking.

Thus, besides the technical perspective, IE program also gives students the ability of looking at problems from the managerial point of view for monitoring the overview of the whole systems picture. Like all other engineering programs in the School of Engineering and Natural Science, students are required to do summer internship after their fourth and sixth semester to practice their knowledge. The graduates of the department may work in many areas including security, transportation, energy, and manufacturing industries. Industrial engineers also apply their skills and knowledge in various fields, such as health care, retail, utilities, information systems, financial, and other service industries. Industrial Engineering at Istanbul Medipol University allows you to see the big Picture of engineering and use communication skills to bring people, machines, materials, information and energy together in a harmony using collaboration between industry and academia. We make this possible at Medipol, since we have established cross-departmental collaborations.

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