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Sport Awards

Istanbul Medipol University students won a total of 6 gold, 7 silver and 12 bronze medals in sports competitions organized by the Turkish University Sports Federation and different institutions between 2018 and 2022.

Here are our medal-winning athletes:  

2018- 2019 Wushu
Gökçe Kapancı (Bronze Medal)
İrem Gülsüm Sayın (Bronze Medal)

 2020-2021 Wushu
Selma Ay (2 Gold - 1 Silver)
Zeynep Bayer (2 Silver - 1 Bronze)
Gökçe Kapancı (2 Bronze)
Elif Beyza Çorlu (1 Silver - 1 Bronze)
Burak Kadıoğlu (1 Bronze)
Sevde Açar (1 Silver - 1 Bronze)

2018-2019 Athletics
Meltem Yaşar (Gold)
2020-2021 Athletics
Meltem Yaşar (Gold)
2021-2022 Snowboarding
İrem Gezer (Gold)
2021-2022 Boxing
Öncü Özsoy (Bronze)

Erzurum| Kick Boxing Türkiye Championship Men-Women (Silver)
Eskisehir| Indoor Archery Türkiye Championship Early- Women (Silver)
Erzurum| Snow Volleyball GNÇ Sporfest Türkiye Championship Men Women (Bronze)
Eskisehir¬| Archery UNILIG Türkiye Championship Early- Women (Bronze)
Izmir| Tennis 1st League Women (Bronze)
Istanbul| 3x3 Basketball Tournament (Gold)

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