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Social Activities Unit

Social Activities Unit


Thanks to the activities that we plan in line with the Language School’s schedule, you may improve yourself in a variety of skills and make new friends from different departments. Today being interested in different things plays an important role in every part of life. That’s why we have established different clubs to make you benefit from the facilities of Istanbul. You may contact SKS (Health Culture and Sport Department) for other student clubs. You may follow our Instagram account medipoldilokulu to be notified about every event. Here is some information about our student clubs.

1. Speaking Club
You may attend the free speaking sessions by registering with the link we post in our Instagram account every week. We aim to contribute to your speaking skill’s development. It’s not obligatory to join these sessions. Our instructors provide a wide variety of activities related to your lesson plan of the related week to make you feel more comfortable while speaking and improve your fluency. You are seated in a class of your level with an average of 10 students, and you can make new friends from different departments and exchange information. Remember to register for each session you want to join.

2. Social Responsibility Club
We arrange some activities to raise awareness on certain topics which are of high concern of the society we live in and the world. Organizing kermes to help street animals, medical and nutritional support for animals in need, visiting animal shelters, recycling activities, visiting the elderly, and interacting with disabled individuals of our society are some of our activities.

3. Recreational Club
We organize events to help you enjoy the most of Istanbul. Some of these events are orienteering, paintball, planetarium, chess tournaments, laser-tag and treasure hunt activities.

4. Drama Club
With the guidance of our instructors, you may perform a play in English at the end of the academic year. If you are interested in acting or singing, you may join this club. Thanks to this club you’ll have a chance to improve your public speaking, acting, singing, and dancing skills. You are not required to be a professional on any of these skills. Just join the club and let your instructors help you.

Social Activities in Pandemic Period
Since we don’t have a face-to-face environment, we plan most of the events online. You may organize online events such as giving concerts, singing, dancing, workout videos or some workshops you want to teach people. Also, we prepare some trivia nights, quiz nights, question-answer events, and revision activities for your lessons.

  • For more information you may send an e-mail to [email protected] or DM us via medipoldilokulu Instagram account.
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