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Accreditation and Quality Unit


Accreditation and Quality Supervision Office

Accreditation and Quality Unit

The office has been established in 2017 in order to conduct International accreditation scheme and maintain quality of all educational activities including ELT programmes, trainings, assessment methods and implementations in Medipol University Language School. The supervisor cross-functions with each and every member of the school both in the course of getting the school’s programmes internationally accredited and also in creating action plans to improve the quality of education, aiming at excellence.

The main tasks of the office include, apart from conducting the international accreditation scheme, writing manuals for, developing programmes; shaping policies for learning/teaching practices and assessment of learning outcomes.

The office also monitors the areas that concern the international total quality criteria which include physical capacity and requirements; health and safety trainings, evacuation maneuvers, emergency measures and advices related departments for improvements.

The supervisor works with volunteer instructors on the accreditation scheme. However, for regular monitoring, bookkeeping and revisions of manuals or any written documents, the general coordinator appoints necessary staff depending on their qualifications.

Job Description and Responsibilities of the Accreditation and Quality Unit

In line with the vision, mission and objectives of the Preparatory school, regarding the evaluation of the quality of educational services and administrative services, our unit is responsible for

  • Establishing the internal quality system of the unit and ensuring that this system matches the university’s own quality system,
  • Determining the institutional indicators and to carry out the studies within this scope,
  • Presenting these works for the approval of the Coordinator of Foreign Languages ​​and the Managerial Supervisors,
  • Carrying out internal evaluation activities,
  • Preparing the annual institutional evaluation report including the results of the institutional evaluation and quality improvement studies,
  • To make necessary preparations during the external evaluation process.

What is Pearson Assured?

Pearson Assured Accreditation is an international and independent system for third party organizations that have training / learning programs designed to be delivered and evaluated internally within the organization. The students of these accredited educational institutions are entitled to receive the internationally recognized “Pearson Assured Certificate.”

Why is Pearson Assured Accreditation Important?

Pearson, one of the world’s leading organizations, cooperates with more than 1000 institutions in over 100 countries. Being accredited by Pearson shows that the Istanbul Medipol University Preparatory Program complies with international quality standards and provides an important assurance for the quality of education for our students.

Pearson Assured Certificate

Receiving this certificate, which will be prepared and sent to Istanbul Medipol University Preparatory Program by Pearson Assured, provides a significant advantage to our students in their academic life and job applications.


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