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Psychology is a discipline examining many topics related to human emotions such as fear, love, hate and human behaviours such as murder and heroism and also cognitive processes such as language and creativity. It also investigates the relationship between all these and human body and brain using scientific methods via very creative and interesting ways.

The behaviour researchers use scientific methods in their studies. They use a bio-psycho-sociocultural perspective to study human problems. There are many applied areas in psychology such as clinical psychology, school psychology, health psychology, and industrial and organizational psychology. By holding of any graduate degree in different subareas in psychology, they become a specialist.

Psychology, as a rapidly growing field, requires training programs that are well prepared to keep up with this dynamism. Guided with this insight, each academician in our undergraduate program closely follows the developments in their field of interest, actively conducts studies and has a keen motivation in collaborating with and teaching to students what the field of psychology has to offer.

Students who have completed a course of study in the field of psychology are awarded the degree of the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA). Our department carries two different psychology programs, one taught in English and the other in Turkish.

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