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Continuing Professional Development Unit

Continuing Professional Development Unit



Staff Development:

The CPD unit functions in order to deliver facilitate training for instructors in the IMU Language School. In-house training is delivered by members of the CPD unit, with other members of the department delivering peer workshops. Further training is delivered by external specialists who visit the campus at the request of the CPD unit.

Aside from training, the CPD unit encourages instructors to attend outside events and participate in conferences, the details of which are regularly shared with members of the department.

The CPD unit is also responsible for the evaluation of teachers’ performances and conducts yearly summative observations. In addition to this, new members of the department are offered formative observations.

Teacher Development Initiative (TDI)

The Teacher Development Initiative exists to encourage participation in external CPD activities. The TDI forms part of the annual instructor evaluation, comprising 20% of the overall score. The TDI works on a positive reward system, offering weighted points for each professional development activity that instructors are involved in. Instructors are awarded a maximum of 20 TDI points, but we encourage people to do as many activities as they would like.

What activities are considered under the TDI?

Conference papers

Journal publications

Book chapters

Courses attended (>20 hours)

Courses attended (<20 hours)

Workshops given

Conferences attended

Magazine articles

External workshops attended

IMU workshops attended

*Instructors may refer to the Language School staff handbook to find the points awarded for each activity.

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