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Information Technologies Unit


Information Technologies Unit

Higher education is one of the fastest transforming fields in the information age. Supporting the rapid transformation in terms of method and content with new infrastructures and software is one of the main elements of a modern university.

Medipol has made serious investments in the field of information technologies in recent years. As a result, our university stands out with its technological infrastructure and its ability to develop products and solutions.

We provide all the systems, infrastructure and software required by our university and hospitals as private cloud-centred services in the data centre with high capacity and security level. The data centre also hosts the High-Performance Computing (HPC) system where the bioinformatics processes of the genetic diagnosis centre serving within REMER, the only Regenerative and Restorative Medicine Research Centre in Turkey.

The MEBIS software we developed within the university stands at the centre of all our academic and administrative processes. MEBIS, with its flexibility and integration capability, is a solution ready to serve for not only Medipol University but also all universities in Turkey that are open to the digital world. We continue our efforts to develop similar applications, services and solutions within the framework of the R&D centre.

We use our resources centrally in an extremely flexible structure with the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). For example, it takes only a few minutes to install a new virtual server or a new virtual computer, and only 10 minutes to install any software on all computers.

Unlimited internet access, interactive whiteboard, information screens and face recognition systems we provide in all areas of our campuses and dormitories are at the service of our students and academics 24/7.

A digital transformation is an approach that is at the centre of all academic and administrative processes of Medipol University and strongly supported by the management.

We do not mean doing the same job better with the same methods and the same processes, but by transforming the work itself through technology in a different way, making it more effective, more efficient, faster, cheaper, and even destroying the process when necessary with the digital transformation.

One of the most important goals of digital transformation is to eliminate the difference in cognizance between our units. We know that much more efficient results will be obtained by producing in coordination with all relevant teams, rather than trying to produce by working only on their own.

While providing the services required by academic and administrative units in a high quality, sustainable, ecure and planned manner, we continue to accompany our university's never-ending digital transformation journey.