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Medical candidates have put on their white coats


Istanbul Medipol University School of Medicine students experienced the excitement of white coat wearing.


A ‘White Coat Wearing Ceremony’ was held for the students of Istanbul Medipol University School of Medicine. The Vice-President Prof. Recep Öztürk, Dean of the School of Medicine Prof. Naci Karacaoğlan, Vice-Dean Prof. Bayram Ufuk Şakul, Vice-Dean of the School of International Medicine Prof. Zübeyir Bayraktaroğlu, academicians, students and their families attended the ceremony held at the South Campus Conference Hall. The opening speech of the ceremony, which started with the reading of the National Anthem, was given by Prof. Naci Karacaoğlan. He reminded the dedication of healthcare professionals during the pandemic and earthquake disaster experienced by our country and wished mercy to the citizens and healthcare workers who lost their lives. Stating that although the white coat is worn by many different professional groups, it has a different meaning for the faculty of medicine, Karacaoğlan said: “The white coat is a symbol of cleanliness, purity, honesty, justice and equality, but the most important thing is its spiritual value. Our faculty was accredited by the Association of Medical Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation (TEPDAD) until 2025. We have graduated 1080 students so far, and we have 1442 students continuing their education. My advice to all our students, which they should care about throughout their lives, is to fulfill their duties with the principle of equality without deviating from the moral ethics of the profession.”

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