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“Communication Summit” ended


Doyens of the industry came together with students at the ‘Communication Summit’ hosted by the School of Communication.


Sector representatives shared their experiences with students at the ‘Communication Summit’ hosted by Istanbul Medipol University School of Communication. At the summit held at the South Campus Conference Hall with the theme of ‘Generation Z and Communication’, our School of Communication Dean Prof. Ali Büyükaslan, Karpat Agency Founder Demir Karpat Polat, Proje Dükkânı Agency President Ali Cenk Gülce, GZT Editor-in-Chief Doğukan Gezer, and Wikimedia Community User Group Leaders Zafer Batık and Başak Tosun took part as speakers. Speaking in the first session, Demir Karpat Polat gave advice to the participants about advertising. Noting that advertising is learned through a master-apprentice relationship, Polat said that passion is important. Emphasizing that advertising, which is a constantly developing profession, can create an art form effect when it is well processed, Polat said that artificial intelligence cannot replace humans in this profession.

GZT Editor-in-Chief Doğukan Gezer gave information about the news language of new media. Stating that new media channels, which are consumer-based and constantly changing, are quite different from traditional news centers, Gezer said that if the content in new media receives a high number of likes, it is understood that the work done is good. Speaking at the summit, Wikimedia Community User Group Leaders Zafer Batık and Başak Tosun shared information about who creates the content on Wikipedia. Stating that the content was created through collaborative work, Tosun said that all articles were written and updated with the joint efforts of volunteers. Talking about the rules of content creation, Tosun stated that the most important rule is to cite sources. At the end of the session, Zafer Batık showed the participants how to write content on Wikipedia in practice.

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