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Dentist candidates wore their white coats


Istanbul Medipol University School of Dentistry 4th year students took their first steps into medicine by wearing their white coats.


A 'White Coat Wearing Ceremony' was held for the 4th year students of Istanbul Medipol University School of Dentistry. Dean of the School of Dentistry Prof. İbrahim Sina Uçkan, academicians, students and their relatives attended to the ceremony that was held at the South Campus Conference Hall. In the ceremony's opening speech, Prof. Uçkan shared that they feel proud to make students wear white coats, which are the symbols of the medical profession. Stating that November 22, 1908 was the date when modernization began in the dentistry profession, Uçkan said: “In the 115th year of modern dentistry, we will continue to work for the health of the mouth, teeth, and surrounding tissues. Our aim is to popularize the learning-oriented working habit and bring talented dentists equipped with human values to the society. Dear students, your white coats represent your future. Always protect the honor and dignity of your profession. Wear out your white coats, but do not stain them because they represent the sweat of doctors who have been working for the benefit of people for centuries. We look forward to seeing every step you take towards becoming a dentist. We are also excited to work as colleagues in the near future. Good luck on this path.”


School of Dentistry Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Şeyda Erşahan Eroğlu said that patient number and variety are indispensable in dentistry education. Noting that Istanbul Medipol University provides a significant advantage in education with its strong health infrastructure, Eroğlu added: “With the education you receive at our university, you will graduate as having seen many patients and as being experienced physicians. As a physician with 20 years of experience, my advice to you is that you pursue your profession vigorously and without losing your enthusiasm. Constantly improve yourself by following the innovations in your field, and always be honest with your patients. Handle them with the same sensitivity you would treat your own parents.”

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