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The Language of Learning:

The language of learning at Medipol University is Turkish. However, the programs with 30% and 100% English require candidates to take and pass the Proficiency Exam.

The English Proficiency Exam):

English Proficiency Exam is composed of two exams, the first of whose first session is made up of 80 multiple choice questions and the second is the essay writing session. The Speaking Exam is only taken if the students scores between 60 and 74 in the first exam. The Parts of the Exam is as follows.

Assessed SkillQuestion TypesNumber of QuestionsGrade
Listening1. Note Taking
2. While Listening
Reading & Comprehension–  Comprehension
–  Interpretating
–  Finding the main idea
–  Deduction
–  Guessing Vocabulary
Use of Language–   Grammar2020
Vocabulary–  General Knowledge of Vocabulary1616
Writing–  Essay120

Those Getting 75 and above are accepted B2 Level in terms of CEFR criteria and are exempted from Preparatory Program without the Speaking Exam.

The Speaking Exam:
Those getting between 60 and 74 will take the Speaking Exam on the Proficiency Exam to better assess them whether they will be able to follow lectures in their departments. The Speaking Exam will be graded over 100 and 75 and over is exampted from the Preparatory Program. Those who get 74 and lower are placed in the preparatory Program.

For the exam sample please click the link…

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Proficiency Exam


Erasmus Exam is the English Language exam which indicates the language proficiency level of the students who want to study abroad within the EU Erasmus student exchange program. In this exam listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing and speaking skills of the applicants are assessed.

March , 2024 Erasmus Exam Content:

  • Part 1-Listening – 12 points
  • Part 2-Reading (2 reading texts)- 12 points
  • Part 3- Use of English – 8 points
  • Part 4 – Vocabulary – 8 points
  • Part 5 – Writing (250-400 word essay) – 20 points
  • Part 6 – Speaking (around 10 mins with Warmup/Monologue/Dialogue parts) – 40 points

Main Part (Parts 1-5) Start Time: 09:00 (Face to Face on Kavacık North Campus A Block)

Speaking Part Start Time: 14:00 (Online on Microsoft Teams)

Erasmus Exam Sample

Writing Paper

Erasmus Exam audio

Erasmus Answer key

Reading Appendix



Horizontal Transfer English Proficiency Exam

It is an exemption exam for students who want to transfer to departments that require an English preparatory program within Istanbul Medipol University, both internally and externally. The content of the exam is as follows;

SKILL                                                                               QUESTION TYPE                           NUMBER OF QUESTIONS       POINTS

LISTENING & COMPREHENSION                          NOTE TAKING- LISTENING                                   10 Qs              


READING                                                                           –  OKUDUĞUNU ANLAMA                             16 Qs           
                                                                                           –  OKUDUĞUNU YORUMLAMA
                                                                                           –  ANA FİKİR BULMA
                                                                                           –  ÇIKARIMDA BULUNMA
                                                                                           –  KELİMEYİ TAHMİN ETME

DİL KULLANIMI                                                                 –   DİL BİLGİSİ                                                  14 Qs               

KELİME BİLGİSİ                                                                –  GENEL VE AKADEMİK KELİME BİLGİSİ         10 Qs                    16

Sample Exams
Transfer exam main part
Transfer exam writing part

Transfer exam answer key

Transfer exam audio


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